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I am continuously in awe of the natural world: it’s patterns and colours, it’s beauty and its surprises. And whenever I am in the presence of these wonders I feel the desire to capture them and to somehow make them my own. I know that is impossible to recreate what Mother Nature creates so perfectly, but I hope to catch the likeness of a leaf, or the essence of a texture or shape.

In 2018 I attended a short bangle making course: an afternoon in the woods hitting copper with hammers and heating it up. I was immediately hooked.   I came home, found some old bits of plumbers pipe in the shed, and had a go. Using old tools I had inherited from Dads and Grandads, and the gas hob in our kitchen, I managed to make a few bangles on my own. However, I was now hungry for more. So I decided to attend some local workshops, and I started to accumulate a few choice jewellers tools. After endless hours of self-teaching, learning through trial and error, and the conversion of the shed into a workshop, I can now create jewellery that I love, and I hope you love it too.


All of my jewellery is made with sustainability in mind. Silver, copper, brass and gold are all recycled, stones are ethically sourced, and packaging is biodegradable. Even the processes I use are as environmentally and vegan friendly as possible.

I sell my work through some local galleries, on this website, and via word of mouth, and I am lucky to have many repeat customers.

I also love to create bespoke pieces, working with a customer to design something uniquely special to them.




My workshop is near Templeton, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales


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